Because .....

  • Designed to meet the needs of small companies that cannot justify the expense of a large table or simply do not have the space. These tables are the perfect solution to provide in house production of small batch parts or for prototyping. You are able to quickly draw and detail the part with the easy to use software and then cut the item in just a matter of minutes.
  • Of course you can also import a DXF file.
  • It is characterized by an intuitive software in 9 (*) languages, which allows to create, easily and in a few minutes, even very complex designs and then proceed directly to the cutting phase without requiring any experience with softwares commonly used in this field.
  • It was entirely designed and built by us in Italy and it is made of a sturdy one-piece frame and parts and accessories of the highest quality. It is CE certified.
  • Every table, each motor and each electronic control unit is pre-assembled and tested by our technicians before the packing.
  • The system is so well designed that the maintenance requirements are void.
  • Our new AV  Torch Height Control adjusts Z axis height thousands of times/second.  
  • Maintain a precise distance between the plasma torch and your work.   Any pattern, any speed, producing smooth edges, sharp details and high precision.   Warped stock, bent stock and corrugated sheet stock are handled with ease.
(*) Italian-English-German-French-Russian-Polish-Czech-Spanish-Portuguese
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